Graphite Botanicals & Carbon

Graphite Botanicals evolved from an interest in printing, and more particularly ,“frottage”.  The materials allow me to capture the structure of plants with a precise subtle sensuality.  The plant rubbings include maize, red oak, cabbage and chestnut leaves.  

All works are framed.  Medium: graphite and kozo paper.  Dimensions from 20" x 20" to 42” x 29”,  2005 

The Carbon series – graphite and charcoal - from the Las Conchas, NM fire are the pigments in these works.  The process involves trailing my hand through the medium across a surface, leaving a trace of the movement. 

Works are on paper and panel.  Medium: graphite or charcoal and an oil medium.  Dimensions from 7” x 10” to 29” x 25”,  2013